Dr. Floyd and Marianna Veronisci at the sugar burning ceremony.

Dr. Floyd Corvus (left) and Marianna Veronisci at the sugar burning ceremony.

Say Adios to Sweets.

(Jul. 1) — The City Council moved a step closer Friday to make the biggest city in the state to approve a moratorium on a controversial dietary practice. And there’s a medical group that would like to see the ban expanded to other districts across the state.

Sugar has become almost as American as baseball. Dr. Floyd Corvus says, “It’s because of sugar that our society is getting fat.”  And doctors like Floyd Corvus say it’s of the reasons obesity in this country is now a full-blown epidemic.

The Academy of Dietary Health is now calling for sugar to be banned to combat the problem of obesity.

Marianna Veronisci says, “There’s nothing wrong with having sweets per se, it’s just what’s in the sweets that’s the problem.” Veronisci is among a group of lobbyists fighting to get sugar removed from the city.

Many business owners, food distributors in particular, say removing sugar means removing thousands of dollars from the cities economy that is already struggling to make ends meet.

Luke the Butcher is owner at The Chop Shop, a local butcher shop. “It’s about time that people need to start making better choices about their nutrition, but people still deserve the right to choose whether or not they use sugar or a sugar substitute.”

Marianna Veronisci counterpoints, “It’s time for the the city to be responsible for our well-being and they should give everyone good choices, because they most people can’t make them for themselves.”

Dr. Floyd says the City Council and food distributors must work together to set good eating habits, but eliminating sugar is a great start. “I don’t think food distributors are responsible for obesity but they are responsible for setting a good example of healthy alternatives.”

Per the meeting last night, the City Council has come to the decision to ban all sales of sugar across the city. The police department is working closely with business owners and food distributors to ensure that all sugar has been removed in compliance with the latest nutritional law.

We’ll keep you updated here, as the story develops.