Steve “Stevie Beef” Cannone, a prominent figure in the New York mob, established and operated various illegal gambling establishments across different neighborhoods in Lower Manhattan. He opened a social club on Mulberry Street in the late 1950s before shifting operations to the Sorrento Social Club on Prince Street, near his childhood home. Cannone was also known to frequent a mob-affiliated bar in the dock area of New York Harbor. Law enforcement believed Cannone was deeply involved in bookmaking and policy numbers. He also hosted a weekly card and dice game at his private social club in Little Italy, where he offered high-interest loans to players in need.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Stevie Cannone is seen at his social club, surrounded by a group of mobsters. A sign on the wall reads: "Sorrento Social Club".]
Stevie: "Alright fellas, let's see who's got the luck tonight! Just remember, the house always wins!"

Panel 2:
[Stevie is dealing cards to a group of players, a sly grin on his face. One of the players looks nervous.]
Player: "Uh, Stevie, you sure this game is on the level?"
Stevie: "Relax, pal. Just enjoy the ride."

Panel 3:
[FBI agents burst into the social club, surprising everyone. Stevie's grin fades into shock.]
FBI Agent: "Stevie Cannone, you're under arrest for illegal gambling and racketeering!"
Stevie: "Well, I guess the house didn't win this time..."