Kenny’s certainly been getting himself in a lot of hot water recently. One day it’s gonna come back to him, one way or another.

Also, stay tuned readers, we’ve got 3, yes that’s right, 3 brand new comics coming to you next week! I’ll be posting on our normal days, Tuesday and Friday with a bonus strip and special guests on Thanksgiving Day!

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[At Mrs. Veronisci's apartment, Kenny the Crypt is looking at Marianna's old computer...]
Kenny the Crypt: "Wow, look at that dinosaur...hard to believe it still does anything."

Panel 2:
[Leo the Boss gives Kenny a death-stare.]

Panel 3:
Kenny the Crypt: "The computer is the dinosaur!!!"
Mrs. Veronisci: "Nice save.