↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[The dust bunnies sit around a conference table at DBM Headquarters.]
Vinnie the Mouth: [sitting in Leo's spot] "As you no doubt have already heard, earlier this morning our beloved leader, Leo, was taken into custody by Mickie Potatoes for bootlegging."
Rocco the Hammer: "We are in a real time of crisis now."

Panel 2:
Vinnie the Mouth: [sitting in Leo's spot] "Jimmy, since you are the consigliere of the family, it’s your responsibility to make the decisions while Leo is tied up."
Rocco the Hammer: "So Jimmy, what is our first move?"

Panel 3:
[Switch to the other side of the table where Vic the Lead, Leadfoot Lucy, Jimmy the Nose, Kenny the Crypt and Salvatore "Bolts" III are gathered.]
Jimmy the Nose: [*GULP*]