The theme of the week is murder and today we see the cops investigating a murder of crows. Fitting, as Halloween is fast approaching! You’ve only got two weeks left!

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[At the Fairview Police HQ...]
Marianna Veronisci: "Alright boys, we got a report of a 187 at Ivan’s Flower Shop. Go check it out."

Panel 2:
[Mickie Potatoes and Tommy Gunn arrive at the crime scene.]
Floyd the Crow: "Look sharp boys, the bacon’s just arrived."
Tommy Gunn: "Well, well, well."

Panel 3:
[Floyd and his gang are loitering outside of Ivan's Flower Shop.]
Mickie Potatoes: [thinking] *sigh* "...another police code pun."
Tommy Gunn: "Alright fellas, move it along."