It’s a Veronisci family mini-reunion!

In related news, we have a very special Valentine’s Day comic going up right here tomorrow, but you can see it over on the DBM Facebook page right now!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Mickie Potatoes is sitting at a computer, updating Leo the Boss's criminal information.]
Mickie Potatoes: "Name: Leo Veronisci, Address: 1230 N. Archibald St. Apt #20, Fairview, Espresso. Inmate Number: 5927"
Leo the Boss: "Will this take a long time?"
Mickie Potatoes: "Terribly long."

Panel 2:
Mickie Potatoes: "This is Mrs. Veronisci, she’ll be taking your personal effects."
[Leo's mom arrives with a box for Leo's belongings.]

Panel 3:
Mickie Potatoes: [mulling it over] "...Veronisci...Hey, you two have the same last name!"
Leo the Boss and Marianna Veronisci: [at the same time] "No relation!"