↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Jimmy the Nose and Frankie the Force arrive at the snail's bootlegging headquarters.]
Jimmy the Nose: "Well, here we are, the snails' headquarters."
[Frankie the Force knocks.]

Panel 2:
[Slick Felix (the snail) opens the door.]
Slick Felix: "Who are you? How’d you find us?"
[Jimmy the Nose delivers a box to Slick Felix.]
Jimmy the Nose: "I’m Jimmy, he’s Frankie. We’re from the Dust Bunny Mafia and we came to bring you a peace offering. Welcome to the city!"

Panel 3:
[Inside the snails warehouse with the new gift...]
Jimmy the Nose: [outside] "ENJOY!"
Slick Felix: "Aw, that was so thoughtful. What friendly competition we have here!"