In 1981, when two FBI agents arrived at Vincent “Chin” Gigante’s mother’s apartment to serve Vincent with a subpoena, they knocked on the door, and she asked the two agents to wait a minute before she let them inside. The agents didn’t wait and by the time they made their way through the home, they reached the bathroom and found themselves staring at the Chin, naked underneath a running shower, holding an open umbrella.

Over the past weekend, I was a guest on the Wiseguys’s Hideaway podcast, where I talked with Ian Barr and David Breakspear on Vincent “Chin” Gigante and the Apalachin Summit of 1957. You can listen to that episode here: Wiseguy’s Hideaway – The Odd Father. Although I didn’t get a chance to share the story above on the podcast, we did talk pretty in-depth about the Chin and his exploits over his lifetime. Go, give it a listen if you have a chance!