This gem comes from the book “Underboss” by Sammy The Bull Gravano.

In his book, Sammy recalls a story about Joe Paruta (aka Old Man Paruta) wherein Frank DeCicco was going on a robbery job with some guys and in this instance they needed a lock picker. Somebody told Frank that the Old Man was just the person they needed and Frank was surprised by this. Frank asked Paruta, “How come I haven’t heard this before about you?” And Paruta just smiled and said there wasn’t a better lock guy around.

Later, on the job, Frank nods at Paruta, who steps forward and promptly kicks the door in and then remarks, “See, what did I tell you?” Frank was stunned. The rest of the crew couldn’t stop laughing. The Old Man even waits around for his end of the loot, his reasoning was that they never would’ve got inside the place without his talents.