As referenced to in the last panel, “the Soiled Dove Plea was a speech delivered by the attorney Temple Lea Houston on behalf of a hopelessly guilty prostitute, Minnie Stacey, in 1899 in Woodward, Oklahoma. The accused prostitute was scheduled to be tried for prostitution one morning and the judge discovered she had neither attorney nor money. It is considered by many trial attorneys to be the perfect closing argument.”

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Vinnie the Mouth speaking to the jury.]
Vinnie the Mouth: "Creatures of the jury: You heard with what cold cruelty the prosecution referred to the sins of this dust bunny, as if his condition were of his own preference. The evidence has painted you a picture of his life and surroundings."

Panel 2:
[Vinnie the Mouth paces back and forth while talking.]
Vinnie the Mouth: "Do you think that they were embraced of his own choosing? Do you think that he willingly embraced a life so revolting and horrible? Ah, no! Creatures, our own government was the author of his ruin!"

Panel 3:
Steel Toes: [thinking] "This sounds a lot like the Soiled Dove Plea..."