In 2013, long time mobster Anthony “T.G.” Graziano was “put on the shelf” or made inactive by leaders of the Bonanno crime family. Graziano was a capo in the family and the father of “Mob Wives” star Renee Graziano and creator Jennifer Graziano, and was stripped of all mob responsibilities and rights according to mob sources because of his daughters’ appearances and involvement in the Mob Wives reality show. Despite his efforts to distance himself from the show constant reference made on the show about the families, legal troubles have members of the Bonanno family irate. Graziano was also sent back to prison last year on racketeering and extortion charges.

Although being “put on the shelf” doesn’t “unmake” the elder mobster and is not a death sentence it does cut T.G. out of financial deals within the crime family mean he can’t earn. It basically tells other mobsters to “pay him no mind.”