↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Leo the Boss, Frankie the Force, Rocco the Hammer and Benny the Bookie sit around a conference table.]
Leo the Boss: "Now that we stole the vans, we need a name to paint on them. This will be where we hide the sugar in transit."
Benny the Bookie: "How about: 'D.B. Kettle Korn - Made with real sugar.'?"

Panel 2:
[Switch to the other side of the table with more dust bunnies.]
Jimmy the Nose: "Ixnay ethay ettlekay ornkay.*"
*Pig latin (Nix the kettle korn)

Panel 3:
[Leo the Boss is upset.]
Leo the Boss: "Do I need to paint you a picture?!? No one is supposed to know that we have sugar!"