Valentine’s Day of 1979, after months of technical and physical surveillance, the FBI and Kansas City Police Department were divided into joint search warrant teams. Upon searching Carl “Tuffy” DeLuna’s home, he was very cordial and had his wife make coffee for the search team. He showed the agents around like he was selling the house. Soon agents were finding cash, guns, hand-written notes, and records. DeLuna told Agent Airey, “Might as well come on to the basement, that is where you will find the good stuff.”

This story comes from the book, Leaving Vegas: The True Story of How the FBI Wiretaps Ended Mob Domination of Las Vegas Casinos by Gary Jenkins. Gary Jenkins was a Kansas City Missouri police officer who was assigned to investigate the Mob for 13 of his 25 year career. He attended the University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Law and is a practicing attorney. He created and maintains a popular smart phone app called, Kansas City Mob Tour and is a popular speaker on the subjects of the Mafia and the Underground Railroad.