Another installment in the Based on a True saga, featuring Virginia “The Flamingo” Hill and her partner in crime, Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel.

Virginia Hill was an American organized crime figure. Virginia became a Chicago outfit courier during the mid-1930s, and was famous for being the girlfriend of mobster Bugsy Siegel.

Rumors swirled that by 1947 Siegel had skimmed $2 million of the Flamingo’s (casino) building “costs” of $6 million and gave it to his veteran cash-carrying girlfriend, Hill, to hide in a Swiss bank. The end would come days after Chicago ordered Hill to leave Las Vegas in early June 1947 and to tell Siegel she was going to buy wines for the Flamingo in Paris. Siegel flew to Los Angeles for the Beverly Hills home Hill rented. Inside the house, unaware, Siegel was killed by a rifle shot by someone – never apprehended – through the front window, almost certainly a gangland hit, on June 20, 1947. Hill first heard about it from a fellow reveler during a party on a boat in Paris.