It’s a good thing that Steel Toes is locked up and he can’t see the size of his crew…or what Dino has done with his office.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Paul 'Steel Toes' Della: [sitting in prison] "How do ya think I’m holding up in here? It’s not exactly da Hilton."

Panel 2:
[Dino is sitting in Paul 'Steel Toes' Della's old office.]
Dino: "We seem to...uh, have run into a bit of a problem here..."
Paul 'Steel Toes' Della: [over the phone] "Which is...?"

Panel 3:
[Zoom out to see piles of cash surrounding Dino]
Dino: "Your crew is shrinking. I’ll send them out for errands and they just haven’t been...coming back."
Paul 'Steel Toes' Della: [over the phone] ""
Dino: "The strangest thing..."