Judge Paul “Steel Toes” Della is based on real-life mobster Paulie “Lefty” Della Universita — known as “The Judge.” From the 1950s until the 1980s, Lefty provided the final say in almost all mob disputes…read more.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[At the offices of the Judge, Paul 'Steel Toes' Della.]
Murphie: [on the phone] "Judge Della, you have a Detective 'Potatoes' in the waiting area."
Steel Toes: "Thanks Murphie, you can send him in."

Panel 2:
Steel Toes: "Detective Potatoes, what brings you down here on a fine day such as this?"
Mickie Potatoes: "Just the usual, I need to get your signature on an arrest warrant."
[Mickie Potatoes hands Steel Toes the arrest warrant.]

Panel 3:
Steel Toes: [reading the warrant] "For Leo Veronisci, on suspicion of felony racketeering, eh?"
Mickie Potatoes: "Yes sir."