↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Carl Cockroach is at his home office.]
Carl Cockroach: "Simon, are you there?"
Simon 'The Huntsman' Cerbalus: [on the phone] "Yes, I can hear you loud and clear."
Carl Cockroach: "Good, starting the call now."

Panel 2:
Steel Toes: [on the phone] "I hope you've got good news."
Carl Cockroach: "I do. The job is done. Recon has been gathered and copies are in the hands of the Fairview sugar ban task force."
Steel Toes: [on the phone] "And that's all there is to it?"

Panel 3:
Carl Cockroach: [on the phone] "Yup. That's all there is to it...now about the final payment--"
Steel Toes: "Don't get ahead of yourself Agent Roach, as soon as Leo is arrested, you'll receive the cash."