↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[At police headquarters, Mickie Potatoes and Tommy Gunn are delving into the bootlegging evidence against the Dust Bunny Mafia.]
[Mickie's cell phone rings.]
Mickie Potatoes: "Hello?"
Carl Cockroach: [on the phone] "Can I speak with Detective Mickie Potatoes of the Fairview police department?"
Mickie Potatoes: "Speaking."

Panel 2:
Carl Cockroach: [on the phone] "This is Agent Roach of the Fractured Bureau of Insectigation. I trust that you've received my package."
Mickie Potatoes: "Yes, I'm actually looking at the files as we speak."

Panel 3:
[Carl Cockroach is seen at home while on the phone with Mickie Potatoes.]
Mickie Potatoes: [on the phone] "I wasn't aware that the FBI was investigating the sugar bootlegging of Fairview county."
Carl Cockroach: "To be frank Potatoes, we aren't. We've had our eyes on Leo and his operation for awhile. Now, after what we've discovered, I think it's time to bring you in."