In today’s strip, we have a very special guest, Picpak the dog! Picpak was created by Kim Belding, who stars in his very own strip over at Picpak, as described by his creator, “As happy and cheerful as he is, he always gets things a little mixed up, whether it’s not crossing a “Pedestrians Only” street because he’s not from Pedestria or helping blow up someone’s tire with explosives. Like the usual dog, he loves meeting new people, watching TV, and sleeping. Despite all of the people things he says and does, he’s still a puppy at heart.”

Also, the term “the pizzo” is protection money paid to the Mafia often in the form of a forced transfer of money, resulting in extortion. Unfortunately for Picpak, he seems to have a bit of confusion between the pizzo money and the pizza money. Good thing Jimmy is there to bail him out, otherwise he’d be getting another kind of delivery coming his way.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Leo the Boss: "Well Picpak, if you want our help, we’re gonna need the pizzo money paid up-front."

Panel 2:
Picpak [the dog]: "Here’s $20 for the pizza. Do you guys deliver?"

Panel 3:
[Jimmy the Nose escorts Picpak out of Leo's office.]
Jimmy the Nose: "Ok Picpak, it’s time to go."
[Leo the Boss is not amused.]
Picpak [the dog]: "Is it free after 30 minutes?"