This comic was inspired by a friends telling of a story of another friend who would leave random objects around his apartment because he’d simply run out of room in his closet. I can only imagine the first two panels to be status quo for the friend’s roommates.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Murphie: "Jimmy, why is there a kitchen sink on the ground?"
Jimmy the Nose: "No room in the closet."
Murphie: "Oh."

Panel 2:
Murphie: "Leo, why is there a couch in the kitchen?"
Leo the Boss: "No room in the closet. Wanna see?"
Murphie: "Ok?"

Panel 3:
[Leo shows Murphie the closet, filled with bones, weapons, etc.]
Murphie: "Oh!"
Leo the Boss: "Yup."