I may or may not have borrowed the first line in this strip from Office Space, where the consultants come into Initech to find out who really is working and who is just costing the company money…Jeremiah seems to be the latter.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Leo the Boss and Jeremiah Worthington Jr. have a "sit down."]
Leo the Boss: "What exactly do you think you do here?"
Jeremiah Worthington Jr.: "Whaddya mean? I’ve been improving your processes. They are way out of date!"

Panel 2:
Leo the Boss: "All I’ve seen from you is wasted time and money. You’ve been here for three weeks with zero results."

Panel 3:
Jeremiah Worthington Jr.: "I can explain, you see--"
Leo the Boss: "Save it. When Kenny is more productive than you, we’ve got problems."