Jimmy reports on his surveillance of Dino the rat to the Dust Bunny Mafia elders.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Jimmy the Nose: "By my calculations, Dino has sent at least twenty rats to The Huntsman, which was nearly half of Steel Toes’ crew."
Jimmy the Nose: "Anything further?"
Rocco the Hammer: "No, you're dismissed."

Panel 2:
Rocco the Hammer: "What’s your next move?"
Leo the Boss: "Back to business: Vinnie, fill Steel Toes in and then we’re done. That’s enough of favor for that rat."
[Leo briskly walks out.]

Panel 3:
[Leo passed Frankie and Jimmy waiting for their orders.]
Leo the Boss: "Break’s over you two. We’ve got work to do!"