Looks like trouble’s brewing for Dino the rat.

Introducing the country of Verano, aka “The Old Country.” In the world of the DBM, the world is separated into two continents, Espresso and Verano. Espresso can be equated to the United States, it’s the newer country whose values are about acquiring wealth and progress. It’s principal city is Fairview, which is where most of the storyline takes place. Verano, is known as the Old Country or the Old World, which can be equated to Europe. In Verano, they value knowledge, family and sophistication. The principal city of Verano is Copa.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Vinnie the Mouth: "It’s as you suspected, Dino’s been hijacking your crew. We think he was trying to kill off enough rats to push favor over to him."
Paul 'Steel Toes' Della: "What a lazy, two-bit rat! No wonder Leo excommunicated him."

Panel 2:
Vinnie the Mouth: "What do you want done? I might be able to pull some-"
Paul 'Steel Toes' Della: "No, nothing further from your crew. You’ve gone way past my initial request."
Vinnie the Mouth: "What’s next?"

Panel 3:
Paul 'Steel Toes' Della: "I want a specialist brought in, from the old country. The cat goes by the name “The Barber.” Rocco should still know how to locate him."