So there’s two big easter eggs in this strip: 1) Leo’s reaction in panel 2 is a nod to the Golden Age of Cartoons reactions, as can be seen in this youtube clip featuring the Big Bad Wolf; and 2) Frankie did this to a rat in an early strip entitled, “99 Problems.”

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Leo the Boss: "‘Morning Jimmy. Anything new or noteworthy today?"
Jimmy the Nose: [while reading the paper] "Noteworthy? No. But there’s a bug in your office, so that’s new."

Panel 2:
Leo the Boss: "WHAT?!?"
Jimmy the Nose: "I’ve got it handled."
Jimmy the Nose: "FRANKIE, CODE 32!"

Panel 3:
[Frankie the Force tosses Carl Cockroach into the street.]