I really love the way this strip turned out, after illustrating the strip entirely, I went in and added a slightly transparent layer, overlaid, on each panel to make the strip appear darker without obscuring the details of the character too much.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Late at night, a rat and Carl Cockroach meet in a sketchy part of town.]
Rat: "You da’ bug?"
Carl Cockroach: "I might be, rat. I'm lots of things for lots of different people."

Panel 2:
Rat: "My boss told me to look for a stinkin' bug, so I guess that's you."
Carl Cockroach: "My reputation precedes me."

Panel 3:
Rat: "Well, there's some spending money an’ the profile for you."
Carl Cockroach: "I wouldn't be in this business very long if I didn't already know the mark."
[Carl Cockroach snatches the money from the rat and tosses the profile.]