Today, we meet Marty ‘Stink’ Haley, a brown marmorated stink bug. Marty is the demolition expert for Simon Cerbalus’ crew. One common trait of stink bugs is the odor they release, which is commonly compared to cilantro. Stink bugs will commonly use their gas as a defense mechanism when startled.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Marty 'Stink' Haley (a stinkbug) is in the grocery store.]
Marty 'Stink' Haley: "Hey Carl, what’s up? I’m just out grabbing a few groceries, why?"
Carl the Cockroach: [on the phone] "Simon’s looking for you and he’s mad!"

Panel 2:
[Marty 'Stink' Haley sprays the area.]

Panel 3:
[Marty 'Stink' Haley zips off.]
Salvatore 'Bolts' III: [in a cloud of odor] *sniff* *sniff* "Ooh, I almost forgot about the cilantro!"