A stake-out while eating steaks out would prove to be a lot more entertaining. Though, for a low-level criminal like Dino, I don’t suspect you’d ever see him eating at one of those fancy restaurants. That’s more of a Godfather style stake-out than one for a street thug.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Jimmy the Nose: "Well I think that’s the last of it. Got everything I need for the next weeks worth of surveillance supplies."

Panel 2:
Vic the Lead: "So, all set for your stake-out?"
Jimmy the Nose: "I think so, just need to double-check."
Salvatore "Bolts" III: "STEAK-OUT!?!"

Panel 3:
Salvatore "Bolts" III: "Excuse me! Why wasn’t I consulted on this matter?"
Vic the Lead: "Do you wanna break the news or shall I?"
Jimmy the Nose: "It’s all yours."