Today’s strip was inspired by a real story. Back in 1941, there was a mafia stool pigeon named Abe “Kid Twist” Reles a feared hitman of Murder Inc, who fell to his death while trying to escape custody. He was being held in a hotel room the night before he was supposed to testify against Albert Anastasia, the mobster family’s boss. All of this happened despite the fact that police officers were guarding the door of the hotel room. Newspapers dubbed him “The Canary Who Could Sing, But Couldn’t Fly.”

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Bruno the Barber and Dino arrive at a hotel room.]
Bruno the Barber: "Welcome to your new home. Oh, and settle in too, we’re not going to be leaving any time soon."

Panel 2:
[Dino runs to the balcony.]
Dino: "You’ll never take me alive!"
Bruno the Barber: [thinking] "We’ve got a jumper!"

Panel 3:
[Dino's outline is seen on the ground floor below.]
Bruno the Barber: "Oh, I suppose that’ll work."