Well there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, looks like the dust bunnies got what they wanted from Carl Cockroach with just a bit of intimidation. No needing to break anyone’s legs or pull of the wings of bugs…at least this time around. But since Carl ratted out Dino, looks like Carl is off the hook for now! Gee, can’t say the same for Dino though.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Leo the Boss: "Alright, that’ll do Carl. I’ve heard enough."
Carl Cockroach: "So am I free to go?"
Leo the Boss: "More or less."

Panel 2:
Simon "The Huntsman" Cerbalus: "CARL! THE DOOR!"
Simon "The Huntsman" Cerbalus: "CARL!"
Simon "The Huntsman" Cerbalus: "CARL!"

Panel 3:
Simon "The Huntsman" Cerbalus: "I tell ya, you can't find good help these days."
Simon "The Huntsman" Cerbalus: "Hmm...what’s this?"