Kenny’s bugging the bugs, so you can just call him the bugged bug bugger. Don’t worry, I can hear your collective groans from here. Or in Kenny’s terminology, he’s snooping on them as they snoop onto us!

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Simon "The Huntsman" Cerbalus: "CARL?"
Simon "The Huntsman" Cerbalus: "What are you doing in that box? More importantly: where have you been this week?"
Carl Cockroach: "Well, it’s a long story..."

Panel 2:
Simon "The Huntsman" Cerbalus: "Not now, sum it up!"
Carl Cockroach: "1) No more rats for dinner. 2) The cops are willing to blur the lines."
Simon "The Huntsman" Cerbalus: "Which one? The squirrel?"
Carl Cockroach: "The pigeon actually."
Simon "The Huntsman" Cerbalus: "Interesting."

Panel 3:
Carl Cockroach: "Oh, and I’m pretty sure they know about the bugs we left."
Simon "The Huntsman" Cerbalus: "We’ll just have to be a bit more creative next time."
[Meanwhile, back at the DBM headquarters...Kenny the Crypt is listening in on the bugs.]
Kenny the Crypt: "Actually we didn’t know, until now..."