↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Leo the Boss and his crew are inside the speakeasy.]
Leadfoot Lucy: "How is it all going to work? Will others be coming back here?"
Leo the Boss: "Certainly not! Only our crew and the crows will be in this room..."

Panel 2:
[Inside the laundry-mat, Luke the Butcher talks with Floyd the Crow.]
Leo the Boss: [Narrating the scene] "...the customer will come into the shop and tell the crow a pass-phrase indicating he’s looking to buy."
Luke the Butcher: "Hello sir, I forgot my soap. Do you have any small boxes of FRESH?"
Floyd the Crow: "I believe we do. Let me go check."

Panel 3:
Leo the Boss: [Narrating the scene] "...a crow will then go back, fill the order and deliver it to the buyer. Money is exchanged and that’s it."
Floyd the Crow: "You’re in luck! One box of FRESH, that’ll be $4.50."
Luke the Butcher: "Excellent"