↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Leo the Boss meets Floyd the Crow in one of the laundry-mat locations.]
Leo the Boss: "Everything is all set?"
Floyd the Crow: "Yes, we’re fully operational."

Panel 2:
Floyd the Crow: "Bring in your crew, it’s show-time."
Leo the Boss: "Excellent."

Panel 3:
[Leo the Boss addressing his crew.]
Leo the Boss: "Okay everyone, follow me."

Panel 4:
[Leo the Boss brings his crew into the speakeasy, a back-room filled with candy machines, sodas and other goodies. A typical break-room atmosphere.]
Leo the Boss: "Welcome to our first speakeasy."
Frankie the Force: "It’s perfect."
Leadfoot Lucy: "Ooh twinkies!"
Benny the Bookie: [thinking] "Where’s the kettle corn?"