I figured it was time to show how the speakeasies would work. It was explained by Leo a few strips ago (Gears in Motion), but it’s about time that you find out how they’d be restocked. So here’s a typical drop-off scenario between the dust bunny mafia and the crows.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Inside the laundry-mat, Salvatore Bolts III talks with Floyd the Crow.]
Floyd the Crow: "Can I help you Mack?"
Salvatore Bolts III: "I was in here yesterday and now my cornflower-blue tie is gone. Have you seen anything?"

Panel 2:
Floyd the Crow: "I believe so. Follow me."
[Salvatore Bolts III is holding several large boxes.]

Panel 3:
[Floyd the Crow leads Salvatore Bolts III into the speakeasy.]
Floyd the Crow: "Good luck looking for that tie!"
Salvatore Bolts III: "Thanks Floyd. I’ve got it covered."
[Several more boxes are seen inside the speakeasy, while Salvatore restocks the contraband.]