For those playing the at home game, according to an online police radio scanner, a “10-71” is the official code for a shooting. And we all know how accurate information can be from the internet, so who knows what that code really is for.

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↓ Transcript
Couple of Slugs

Panel 1:
[At the Fairview Police HQ...]
Marianna Veronisci: "Alright boys, we got a report of a 10-71 off 4th & Jefferson."

Panel 2:
[Mickie Potatoes and Tommy Gunn head over to the crime scene.]
Tommy Gunn: "I hope thereís something left."
Mickie Potatoes: "Worst case scenario, at least weíll get to stretch our legs!"

Panel 3:
Tommy Gunn: "Find anything worthwhile?"
Mickie Potatoes: "Nope, just a couple of slugs left behind."