Things are certainly starting to get interesting as Tommy Gunn starts asking Mickie Potatoes about dirty cops while looking over cold cases. One thing that’s not gathering dust is this story-arc!

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Tommy Gunn: [inspecting a bookcase] "Hey Mickie, do you think we’ve had any dirty cops around here?"
Mickie Potatoes: "Wha--?!?"

Panel 2:
Mickie Potatoes: "Tommy, keep your voice down! We’ve all had doubts about some fellas, but you can’t be goin‘ around talkin’ like that...especially around the precinct! What’s gotten into you?"
Tommy Gunn: "Well..."

Panel 3:
Tommy Gunn: [holds out a listening device] "...I normally wouldn’t say anything, but I found this behind one of the books and based on the coat of dust, it’s certainly been there awhile."