Apparently lady luck isn’t being very kind today for the salamander who bet on the wrong sea horse!

We’ve got a very special cameo appearance in today’s strip, Xolotl (The Black Mudpuppy), from the appropriately named comic, The Black Mudpuppy, created by Ethan Kocak. The Black Mudpuppy, “is the story of Xolotl, a former Aztec god of the dead, brought back to life by inhabiting the body of an axolotl salamander. Along the way, he befriends nerds, blind chihuahuas and fights Nazi dinosaurs. He also gets drawn progressively better as you read through the archive.”


I couldn’t have said it better myself. The Black Mudpuppy is one of my favorite webcomics of all time, which is saying something. I’ve long thought that Xolotl should make a cameo appearance, but never knew a good way to bring him in…until last week. Go check out The Black Mudpuppy and tell Ethan that the dust bunnies sent you!