Little known fact: I’ve always pictured the rats to have German accents, likewise their organization is built in a German fashion. Each rat has a job and if it’s done well and no one steps out of line, everything will run smoothly.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Late at night, a rat and Carl Cockroach meet again.]
Carl Cockroach: "Ok. The bug’s been planted. Tell Mud Feet it’ll be about a month to get any good dirt."
Rat: "You know he hates those nicknames. He’d take your wings for a remark like that."

Panel 2:
Carl Cockroach: "Tryin’ to scare me? My boss will personally handle that if he tries."
Rat: "Oh really? Your boss hasn’t seen the light of day in over ten years!"

Panel 3:
[Carl Cockroach leaves.]
Rat: "We’re done here."
Carl Cockroach: "What’s he been doing all this time? Crawling “da' web”? Heh."