This hilarious comic was illustrated by Brad Perri, creator of the comic strip, Pirate Mike.

Brad Perri, if you couldn’t tell, has a very different artistic style than yours truly. If you missed that it might be time to invest in some glasses. Anyways, I love how Brad took his style and worked it into a joke talked about by the boys in true mafia fashion…while still keeping it family friendly. 😉

For those of you reading along, this isn’t the first time that one of Brad’s been on this site…about six months ago, while Mickie Potatoes and Tommy Gunn were searching for the source of the bootleg sugar, they stumbled across Pirate Mike at his workplace, “Pizza Pirate,” in which Pirate Mike threw the cops off the trail. You can see the interaction in, “Red Herring.”

Thanks again Brad for taking the time to do this! If you’re on twitter, you can follow Brad at: @piratemikecomix.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Frankie the Force: "We shoulda never done this."
Leo the Boss: "I toldja he's screw this up!"

Panel 2:
Frankie the Force: "He's drawing us as circles! With mouths! And noses!"
Leo the Boss: "The fedoras are so bad I'm beginning to think he's doing it on purpose!

Panel 3:
Frankie the Force: "I once saw Mary Worth beat a cartoonist to death with a ham on rye... ...over a typo!"
Leo the Boss: "That Mary Worth don't take (beeep!!) from her cartoonists."