This wonderful comic was illustrated by Ben Starzec, creator of the comic strip, Dogs, Ducks and Aliens.

Ben Starzec writes this about Orso, “Orso is an associate of Phil McQuackens who seems to perform an enforcer role, when “muscle” or dangerous skills are needed.” Staying true of Orso in the Dogs, Ducks and Aliens strips, Orso only speaks in a foreign language and is thus difficult to understand by some characters.

This isn’t the first time that one of Ben’s characters has shown up around here. About three months ago, Leo the Boss met Phil McQuacken, Orso’s associate, while in jail waiting for his trial to start for the sugar ban bootlegging. You can see their meeting in, “Run Afowl.”

If you’re not fluent in Italian, you’ll have to click on the handy transcript link directly below this to see the translation of what Orso is saying. I’m certainly not going to spoil the fun for you!

Thanks again Ben for taking the time to do this! If you’re on twitter, you can follow Ben at: @DogsDucksAliens.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Vic the Lead and Frankie the Force are seen sitting at a bar.]
Vic the Lead: "Peroni's got a decent joint here...who's bartending?"
Frankie the Force: "That's Orso Moretti - Peroni's muscle...he's from the old country..."
Vic the Lead: "Moretti!!! I'll have the strongest drink you got! And get one for yourself...!"

Panel 2:
[Orso Moretti shoots the drink back and slams his glass on the counter.]
Vic the Lead: "I thought this would have more kick...what do you call it?"

Panel 3:
[Orso Moretti cleans his shot glass.]
Orso Moretti: "Morte in un Bicchiere" {Italian Translation: Death in a Glass}

Panel 4:
Vic the Lead: "Keep the Channngg--" [falls off his bar-stool]
Orso Moretti: "Sogni piacevoli..." {Italian Translation: Sweet dreams...}