Today’s special guest is: Phil McQuacken (aka Sonny Peroni), a mysterious associate known as a guy who can get things done from his part of the world. Ben Starzec, Phil’s creator has this to say about him, “There is an air of mystery and speculation about who he really is and who his associates and partners are.” I knew that Phil McQuacken would be a great asset to the Dust Bunny Mafia. It’s only fitting that Phil and Leo would meet up in jail.

Also, Phil McQuacken only speaks in fowl language (pun completely intended). I’ve really wanted to add some comic language to the strip for awhile now and so when I noticed this quirk in Ben’s strip, I knew that Phil would be the perfect way to get a guest spot and introduce some &%$@#-ing language into the strip.

Phil McQuacken comes from the comic Dogs, Ducks & Aliens. New Dogs, Ducks & Aliens comics come out every Monday and Wednesday and they can be found at

Phil McQuacken is owned by Ben Starzec. Character and likeness were used with permission.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Vinnie the Mouth visits Leo the Boss in prison.]
Vinnie the Mouth: "How are you holding up in here Leo?"
Leo the Boss: "Well, if I knew I was almost out, I’d be a lot better."

Panel 2:
Vinnie the Mouth: "I’m working on that... but now that you’re in here, a trial is pretty much inevitable."
Leo the Boss: "On the bright side we have a new associate and let’s just say he’s very well-connected."

Panel 3:
[Back in the holding cell, Leo the Boss meets Phil McQuacken (from Dogs, Ducks and Aliens the comic strip).]
Leo the Boss: "Mr. McQuacken, we meet at last."
Phil McQuacken: "#$@%!"