Ahh, it’s good to be back with the Dust Bunny Mafia family again. Now that this mini-arc with Bruno the Barber, Dino the Rat and Fast Edie has been wrapped up it’s time to jump back to our main characters again! We catch up with them right where we left them last, with Kenny skirting his duties and Leo questioning him intensely.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Leo the Boss: "Kenny, when’s the last time we had this place swept for bugs?"
Kenny the Crypt: "Um, like 6 months?"

Panel 2:
Leo the Boss: "6 months?!? It’s supposed to be done once a month!"
Kenny the Crypt: "What’s the big deal?"

Panel 3:
Leo the Boss: "THE BIG DEAL?!?"
Leo the Boss: "First, we’re mobsters: we need this place to be secure."
Leo the Boss: "Second, it’s your job!"
Leo the Boss: "Third, and most importantly: they’re on a retainer. They’re getting paid to just sit around!"
Kenny the Crypt: [thinking] "Wonder if they’re taking applications."