Looks like Fast Edie’s been dodging her weekly dues to the Corvalus family, this is the same kind of thing that started Dino down his slippery path, let’s find out how the situation plays out for her.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Fast Edie: "Yeah, about those payments, you’re in luck! I was just putting together a bundle to bring over tonight."
Floyd the Crow: "That’s quite a coincidence."

Panel 2:
Floyd the Crow: "You know the arrangement. Normally you’re more on top of these matters."
Fast Edie: "Ya see, we had quite a dry spell these past few weeks...but that changed yesterday: big payday; from an unusual request too."

Panel 3:
Floyd the Crow: "Do tell."
Fast Edie: "In walked couple of out-of-towners, looking for a lupara bianca. Never seen a pair like this before: a weasel and a giant spider; guy’s even bigger than that Hunstman fella."