↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[The dust bunnies sit around a conference table at DBM Headquarters.]
Vinnie the Mouth: [sitting in Leo's spot] "Even though Leo has no prior convictions and is an active member of this community, they denied him bail, so he’ll be in prison until the trial."
Rocco the Hammer: "They are classifying it as a “high-profile” case."

Panel 2:
[Switch to the other side of the table where Vic the Lead, Leadfoot Lucy, Kenny the Crypt and Salvatore "Bolts" III are gathered.]
Vinnie the Mouth: "Well, Jimmy what do you think?"
[A potted plan with sunglasses and Jimmy's fedora stand in for Jimmy the Nose.]
Kenny the Crypt: [whispering] "Psst! They are talking to you."

Panel 3:
Leadfoot Lucy: "Wait a minute--"
[Everyone actually notices Jimmy isn't there.]
Kenny the Crypt: "That’s not Jimmy!"