Carl the Cockroach makes a break for it. Also, apparently Carl’s never seen a weasel before.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Inside Giovanni's Restaurante, Carl the Cockroach is on the move.]
Big Al: "Happy birthday to me."
Carl the Cockroach: "OUTTA MY WAY!!!"

Panel 2:
[Carl quickly jumps into a waiting car.]
Carl the Cockroach: "Quick Joe, step on it!"
Simon "The Huntsman" Cerbalus: "What’s got you all in a huff?"

Panel 3:
Carl the Cockroach: "There’s a giant stretched-out rat in there that just broke-up our lunch!"
Joe Black: "Doesn’t look like Dino’s gonna be able to talk his way outta this one!"
Simon "The Huntsman" Cerbalus: [while reading the newspaper in the back-seat] "“Cowards die many times before their deaths--”"