It’s amazing what can be accomplished with a bit of elbow grease and the greasing of palms. Also, for those who are curious, yes the boxes on the table are filled with cannoli and cash, respectively.

By the way, for those looking to go more in depth, this was Jimmy the Nose’s brilliant idea for getting Leo out of his trial. You can see where this idea originated in the strip, “On the House.”

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Jimmy the Nose stands next to a table with boxes of cannoli and cash.]
Jimmy the Nose: "We are from Giovanni’s. We are your sponsors for the deliberation."
Juror #1: "Isn’t that bribery?"

Panel 2:
Vic the Lead: "We like to think of it as 'creative' problem solving. Take as much as you want."

Panel 3:
[The jurors scramble for their take of cash and cannoli.]
Jimmy the Nose: [thinking] "This is going well."