Contrary to my previous understanding, “cannoli” is the plural form of the Italian dessert. The singular form is “cannolo.” Before I researched the information for this strip, last panel had Jimmy exclaiming, “Cannolis!!!”

Also, in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, we have a very special Dust Bunny Mafia style St. Paddy’s Day comic over on our facebook page, go check it out!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Jimmy the Nose and Leadfoot Lucy are finishing up at Giovanni’s Pizza.]
Jimmy the Nose: "Thanks again Giovanni, another exceptional meal."
Giovanni: "Gratzi Jimmy. I certainly appreciate your business. Send Leo my regards."

Panel 2:
Giovanni: "Luciana, take some cannoli back to the boys, it’s on the house!"
Leadfoot Lucy: "Oh I don’t know Gio." [whispering] "Jimmy? Psst! Jimmy."
Giovanni: "Bene!"

Panel 3:
[Jimmy the Nose and Leadfoot Lucy are driving back to headquarters.]
Jimmy the Nose: "CANNOLI!!! That's the answer!"
Leadfoot Lucy: "Yes, Giovanni gave us a box of cannoli, they’re in the back."