↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Jimmy the Nose and Leadfoot Lucy are eating at Giovanni’s Pizza.]
Jimmy the Nose: "What about the speakeasies? Are they gone now?"
Leadfoot Lucy: "Yup. Vinnie called Sal and Frankie in to scrub them clean right after he got the call from Marianna about Leo’s arrest."

Panel 2:
[Tommy Gunn meets Floyd the Crow in one of the laundry-mat locations.]
Tommy Gunn: "Alright Floyd, you know why I’m here."
Floyd the Crow: "Yeah, yeah."

Panel 3:
[Floyd the Crow brings Tommy Gunn into the back-room where the speakeasy used to be.]
Tommy Gunn: "IT'S EMPTY?!?"
Floyd the Crow: [thinking] "It’s empty. We aren’t morons."