I know it doesn’t look like much other than talking, but today’s strip sets up Tuesday’s strip which I think a lot of you will appreciate. Let’s just say one element of the strip alone took me 5 hours to illustrate, and it sets the story off nicely for the real fun, Leo’s trial.

↓ Transcript
Up Your Sleeve

Panel 1:
[Jimmy the Nose and Vinnie the Mouth take a walk.]
Jimmy the Nose: "Alright Vinnie, level with me. What are the chances that Leo will be acquitted before the trial starts?"
Vinnie the Mouth: "The cops aren't going to drop the charges, so Leo's going to trial, there's no getting around that."

Panel 2:
Vinnie the Mouth: "It really depends on the jury. A room full of open-minded peers would be best, but I don't have enough connections in the judicial system to stack the deck. Why? What are you thinking?"

Panel 3:
Jimmy the Nose: "Call our sugar manufacturers, tell them to keep production up. We'll need double batches until Leo's trial starts, then it goes back to normal."