Harry “Happy” Maione, was a New York mobster who served as a hitman for Murder, Inc., the enforcement arm of the National Crime Syndicate, during the 1930s. Maione was called “Happy” because his face displayed an eternal scowl. It was said he only smirked, snarled or scowled. His name and criminal reputation grew to infamous proportions upon the sensational news of the mob’s killer combination, which the press dubbed “Murder Inc.”

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Jerry (the mouse reporter): “Hey Floyd, what’s the deal with that hedgehog over there?”
Floyd: “It’s best to just steer clear of Harry.”

Panel 2:
Jerry (the mouse reporter): “Rough day?”
Floyd: “No, that’s always how he looks.”

Panel 3:
[Grumpy hedgehog sitting at a table with a wine glass and newspaper in hand.]
[off-screen] “They call him “Happy” for a reason.”