Assi, from the first panel, is a bit of German slang, meaning “asocial.” This is a word used to describe someone who is rude or annoying and doesn’t take into account the effects of their actions on other people.

I wonder why Carl Cockroach was all too eager to provide Mickie Potatoes the information about who hired him to bug Leo’s office, but the puzzle pieces are starting to come together…with only TWO MORE STRIPS left in the Sugar Ban story arc. You won’t want to miss the next week’s jarring conclusion!

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Rat: "Where’s that Assi bug? He should’ve shown up by now!"
Mickie Potatoes: [off-screen] "*AHEM*"

Panel 2:
[The rat flees."
Rat: [off-screen] "AIEEE!!!"
[Mickie Potatoes steps into frame.]

Panel 3:
[Tommy Gunn catches the rat and Mickie Potatoes corners him from behind.]
Tommy Gunn: "Not so fast!"
Mickie Potatoes: "Where’s do you think you’re going?"